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Saturday, October 31, 2009


We failed our final inspection.  Eleven failures.  But not to worry.  All will be tidied up by Monday, and a re-final will be attempted (and passed) Tuesday.  Same goes for the health department inspection Tuesday.  So Wednesday we will have all the rules, regulations, hoop jumping, T-crossing, i dotting, fee paying - silliness completed. (Until some unbeknowst to us public entity demands forms, fees, and more hoop jumping... opening a business is the fastest way to joining the Libertarian Party.)  Unless you count the beer/wine license which is still working its way through dark and murky government channels.

First all employee meeting today, which consisted of ten minutes of form filling out, five minutes of rambling and confusing "leadership talk", and two hours of intensive cleaning.  Monday we start delivery service for businesses (permit to cook in our storefront still in limbo, the cooking will be done at our catering kitchen).

This really is happening... Becca walked through the sandwich shop kitchen today and said "Frances, look around, here is your college tuition".  I wonder if its jc or university grade?

With all the crazi-ness of getting the storefront ready the catering keeps on ticking.  A luncheon for the Blue Mountain Action Council, dinner for Stores Online, and the pic above dinner at Waters Winery.

For Waters Winery we did five courses: a roasted pear and greens salad, sauteed scallops and apples and quatre epices spices, cauliflower soup and duxelle cream, and the main of beef tenderloin with red wine reduction sauce, brussels, yukons sauteed in clarified butter and brussel sprouts, patisserie dessert... quite yummy.


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