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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lamb Roast - April 26th

The best man at my wedding, a chef and cooking mentor, and a stinking New York Yankee lover, roasts whole animals every March in celebration of his patron saint. I admire him for it. The work involved is tremendous, fortunately we were only doing the sides for tonight's roast and helping with the carving. I couldn't help but think of Patrick watching the hypnotic rotation of glistening lamb meat. Even drank a Sierra in his honor.

Local raised spit roast lamb. Can't get much better than that. Fortunately the sides were a terrific compliment. And the bacon in the spinach salad blew my mind. Local butcher, non usda certified, lordy it is good. Thanks to Ray for the lamb and bacon purchase. I can die a happy man after that bacon.


- Williams raised spit roast lamb
- Israeli cous cous Morrocan style, dried fruit, nuts, spices
- Bonnie and Jerry's asparagus and aioli
- Spinach salad, Hauns pepper bacon, sauteed sweet onions, smoked trout, croutons, creamy whole grain mustard dressing (a blatant recreation of Whitehouse's gem of a salad)


Whitman Alumi - April 25th

82 Whitman grads gathered to celebrate their 40 year reunion at Three Rivers Winery. How did they seem to know each other so well after 40 years? Certainly the Whittie Experience must be a tad different than mine at gigantic UC Davis. I can just imagine me at my 40 year reunion. "Nope, don't know you, nope, not you either, can't recall your face from the other 4,500 graduates of 1996... sorry." Even a reunion in my major would produce very similar results.

The food. Big highlight tonight, rissotto balls stuffed with cheese, fried and topped with a sun dried tomato sauce. Guests were waiting by the kitchen entrance to snatch them up. And if there is a better pork roast in the world than the one we are copying from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco I would like to try it.

- Three appetizers
- Whole leaf caesar salad
- Bonnie and Jerry's asparagus and aioli
- Crispy polenta round
- Vegetable gratin
- Porchetta, Thundering Hooves pork, capers, herbs, garlic


Monday, April 21, 2008

Tacoma Garden Club Invades Walla Walla

Thirty six gardening buffs from the west side of the Evergreen State wreaked havoc and destruction over the weekend of April 19th. We were lucky enough to feed them.

We rented Carnegie, the wife built some very agreeable tulip centerpieces, Sean from Water's Winery was our guest sommlier, and we tried to impress with the food.

Three apps: crostini, white bean puree, pork confit... endive, goat cheese mousse, cranberry apple relish... swedish pancakes, apple butter.


- asparagus salad, tarragon dressing, poached trout, potato pinwheel

- walla walla sweet onion soup, caramelized onion custard, thyme brown butter

- red wine braised short ribs, potato gratin, roasted asparagus, pearl onions, cauliflower

- patisserie gelato, shortbread, macerated strawberries, whipped cream

Wines to match: Stella Blanca semillon, Waters voigner, Waters syrah, Northstar syrah, Three Rivers Gwertziminer (or however the hell you spell it!).
We don't like to brag, but... pretty yummy.


Tax Day Cometh

Edward Jones threw a barbeque for tax professionals and other hanger-on-ers April 15th. We got to cook for the people who save us money and untangle our financial record messes.

I was out of town visiting our nicu bound newborn (Frances, cute as a button and home now!!!) so my two associates Nick and Avel put on a great show.

Thundering Hooves burgers, Hills hot dogs, Hidden Valley buns, pasta salad, a mean potato salad, and blanched asparagus.


Reininger, April 12th, 2008

I love Reininger. The owners, the staff, and the wine is pretty darn awesome.

Dinner for eight. Tracy laid out a beautiful table setting, per usual. 3 apps, my favorite being a seared scallop half, with caramelized apple and crisp bacon, laid out on spoons for easy snacking (and dramatic effect).


- roast thundering hooves bone marrow and rice bean salad

- salad of endive, parsley, fennel, pear, honey tangerine, pine nuts

- sweet onion soup, caramelized onion custard, thyme brown butter

- fehrenbacher farm rack of lamb, white bean puree, roast pearl onions, asparagus, mushrooms

- hazelnut mousse from the patisserie
A pretty decent spread for a lovely WW evening.


April 8th, 2008

We kicked off the cooking season today. Dinner at Basel Cellars for 25 Bank of America banker folks. A couple of apps, and a humble buffet. Mixed green salad and red wine vinaigrette, potato gratin, roast asparagus and parmesan, beef tenderloin and mushroom cream sauce, parmesan chicken breast and marinara.

My favorite part of tonight's meal had to be the mushroom sauce. I made a duxelle, then infused chicken stock and cream with the duxelle. Strain, reduce, reduce, reduce... tasty.