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Monday, November 24, 2008

Relaxation and Sapolil

The Fall and Winter are the just fruits of a busy Spring and Summer. I could get used to just a couple of events a month, quite relaxing. My days now consist of playing with my children, bothering my wife, and procrastinating home projects (and not returning next year's wedding bids!) All we have done this month is a wedding rehearsal dinner and this weekend's gig. And that is fine by me.

Saturday we dropped off a simple buffet for 20 with our friends at Gifford Hirlinger and then jetted back into town for a four course dinner at Sapolil Cellars. The dinner we donated as part of an auction item for the ywca. Sapolil provided the next to perfect space, as seen above, and the Kate Bray Band provided the stellar entertainment.


  • Arugula and beet salad, fresh apple, candied nuts, goat cheese
  • Cauliflower soup, marsala sauteed crimini mushrooms, truffle salt, cauliflower crisp
  • Beef burgundy, reduction sauce, creamy polenta, roast butternut squash and sage brown butter, bacon braised brussel sprouts
  • Chocolate mousse and vanilla cream from the Patisserie.

New Favorite Things:

  • The soup above is pureed cauliflower, a little butter, onion, thyme, chicken stock, and half and half. It is a third as rich as it looks, really. It is earthy, and full bodied, and the perfect base for the flavorful mushrooms and truffle salt. I used to make cauliflower croutons to top this, but this time I made little dehydrated cauliflower trees. Cutest little things, and they taste great too.

Back to Work - after an easy Thanksgiving we get crazy. Barrel Tasting at Longshadows, Reininger, Waterbrook, and possibly a couple more. If you are coming for Barrel Weekend make sure and stop by one of these fine establishments to taste our snacks with their great wine.


Friday, November 7, 2008


Palmares is a cycling term for list of great accomplishments. Our version of palmares.

Recieved this note from Angela and Ryan regarding their wedding reception.


Our wedding day was spectacular thanks to you and your team! You were all seamless and the food amazing - our wedding guests are still raving about how wonderful it was. We cannot thank you enough for pulling together such a beautiful menu 15 days prior to the Big Day! Everything was fabulous from the food to the staff to the delivery!

Thank You!!! - Angela and Ryan"

Kind of makes my heart get all fluttery. Angela and Ryan's reception dinner had originally been planned with a another caterer, whom got all flaky. And then they found me. The good feelings are mutual.

Tonight is a wedding rehearsal dinner and tomorrow morning the wife and I fly to Sacramento for a good friend's wedding. (The kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa!!! Whoopee, our first night away from offspring in almost five years.) Patrick happens to be a great chef, mentor, former boss, former roomate, my best man, and caterer. It will be a blast to see good friends again.