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Monday, October 19, 2009

Progress... still progress

The drywall is done, hvac goes in a couple of days, finish plumbing next week, concrete patching in a day or so, big equipment comes next week, and we interviewed for employees yesterday.  So many nice folks, I wish we had more positions to fill, its going to be hard to select our opening crew.

This weekend we did a few smaller events: a 40th birthday party at Mannina Cellars, a drop off dinner for some Whitman folk, box lunches for a bunch of geologists on a wine terrior field trip, and a wine dinner at Dunham Cellars for a group from Seattle.  Here is a photo of the soup at Dunham, pureed cauliflower (actually quite light, chicken stock and half and half, no cream) with a mushroom duxelle cream, truffle salt, and cauliflower croutons.  Pretty yummy.

Sandwich shop menu is coming along nicely.  Three paninis, two hot sandwiches, seven cold sandwiches, three salads, and two soups (rotating daily).  Soups aren't quite this elaborate, soups for the storefront fall more in the cauliflower, beer, cheese category of soup making.  Sample menus to businesses that call in deliveries go out this week.


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