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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I used to be really into music.  It was a big deal.  (All teenagers and young adults probably feel that way.)   (I was the walking encyclopedia for ska bands world wide in 1995/1996, for realz, had a radio show KDVS 90.3fm)  At some point in my mid to late 20's, I stopped caring and became part of the masses of regular people.  A little piece of me hated me for that.  All that energy I pored into music, I was poring into FOOD, reading it, cooking it, eating it; and then into my teaching job, and my girlfriend soon to be wife, and the house remodel and then our son.  All the passion for music was divided one too many times.  And I happen to be a bit of an all or nothing guy... do it really well, or don't do it at all.  Once I didn't care enough, I just stopped caring at all.

Thank goodness I didn't discover Wilco until my non-caring days.  Wilco is the kind of band that not everyone gets, and the ones that do become obsessive fans who probably go a little overboard.  Wilco is great by the way.  I dusted off disc one from their 1996 album Being There for the drive to Tri Cities the other day, 

I bring this up because our Richland location has a bright shiny new toy, and I blasted Wilco's "Outtasite (Outta Mind)" in it's honor.  We got a big sign on busy busy busy George Washington Way.  The sign looks great and our cute little hidden shop, 150 feet from 30,000 cars a day, is finally visible.  Forever more I will believe real estate agents (both residential and commercial) when they say the tired but true "the three most important things are Location, Location, and Location".  

Wilco produced two versions of the same song for the double disc album.
Outtasite (Outta Mind) is the rocking version for which a music video was shot.  The band plays the song while skydiving, remember when you could do just about anything in a music video?  Nothing needed to make sense. 
Outta Mind (Outta Sight) is the better version of the two (in my humble opinion).  It is kind of dreamy, more subtle, piano based, softer harmonies, light hearted with a touch of sadness.

Our little Richland Shop, tucked away from all the traffic, is bright and beautiful, and is jamming busy some days.  But some days it feels a little forgotten about like the song lyrics:

"Out of mind out of sight"
"Out of mind out of sight"
"You don't see me now"
"You don't want to anyhow"

Man that would suck.  How about we settle on:

"Look at that big bright sign"
"Look at that big bright sign"
"I want to eat now"
"Boy I want a sandwich now"

Ha.  Never knew I had a knack for songwriting.