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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The last couple of months or so we have been busy little bees.  Large community events, winery events, and now we are knee deep in weddings.  May and June are the busiest time of the year.  For which we are thankful.  Here are some photos to give you a sense of what we have been up to.  Cheers.

Brian and I cooking a whole pig, and whole chickens for the Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival board members party. 

Grilled Walla Walla Sweets.  Brilliant with romesco sauce.

An appetizer for Shannon's Wedding at Three Rivers Winery.  Skewered sea scallop, pancetta, and caramelized apple.  Delicious.

Copper River Sockeye searing on our brand new flat top grill.  Then slow roasted at low heat and served with aioli and lemon.

I love vegetarians.  This stuffed portabella mushroom dish is at the top of my list to serve and eat.  Perfectly sauteed zuchinni, red pepper, red onion, roast whole garlic cloves, basil, cubed mozz, headed to the oven till just warmed through. 

Hmmm... Whole roasted brined chickens carved for service or individual frozen chicken breasts?  Hmmm....

This is what a bowl of quinoa salad looks like for 200 guests.

Prime Rib.  Day three.  In four hours it will be consumed. 

Those little red bits, piquillo peppers from Spain.  The prosciutto is from Parma, Italy.  The asparagus is from Walla Walla, Washington.  Three of the finer things in life assembled here every Spring.

 This is what we do on our Sundays. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Palmares is a cycling term which means a list of great accomplishments.  Here is our palmares, a letter from Shannon's wedding reception at Three Rivers Winery for 215 guests.  We served grilled top sirloin roasts and copper river salmon, grilled ww sweets and asparagus, and beautiful salad greens from our friends at Welcome Table Farm.  It was a beautiful day, a great venue, and a fun time.
Hi Graze,

This whole wedding process. I have been thoroughly impressed by you and Graze---my millions of emails and questions were always answered completely and quickly. We have received many many compliments about the food. I only wished I could have had seconds---the meal was absolutely perfect.

I'd love to know how to write a review for you, as would my mom. She's a total foodie and thought our wedding food was some of the best she's had, as did many of our guests. Take care and thank you again for an absolutely amazing job that was above and beyond our expectations...

We will definitely be back to Walla Walla and hope to meet you sometime.  Thank you for helping make our wedding day all that we hoped for.

Take care,

Shannon Leacj