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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

accepting applications now... u could own this!!!

Tuesday, The MELT grilled cheese sandwich shop opened in San Francisco.  The dude who invented the FLIP video camera gadget teamed up with a venture capital firm and hired San Francisco Chef Guy, Michael Mina (a super accomplished dude) as a consultant to start The MELT.  From what I gather they make custom grilled cheese sandwiches and soups. 

a place to eat

They are going to open 15 to 25 this year, and the goal is to have 500 storefronts within five years.  Franchise start up costs per shop are expected to be $500k to one million American Dollars.  You read that right. (a very similar cost for major franchises like Del Taco, Dairy Queen, Arby's, and that is a just under the heavyweights like Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, or so my limited research has uncovered.)

This got us thinking.  Why can't we be a franchise?  I mean really, why not?  Outside of the lack of funding, corporate infrastructure, advertising dollars, bulk purchasing power, media fawning, being located in a town of only 30,000 people, and a four hour drive from a major metropolitan area... WHY NOT?  (Have you seen then scene from Monty Python's "The Life of Brian"?... What have the Romans Done for us?!?!?!?)

So 'Graze - a place to eat' is offering for a limited time only franchises starting at a very cool and discounted $200,000 American Dollars.  Accepting offers starting... now.  (ok ok, $150,000... if you ask nicely we might settle at $125,000)