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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Butternut Squash Panini and the BBBB.

Greetings Sandwich People,

Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer!  Walla Walla is enjoying one of the finest stretches of Harvest Weather I can remember.  Talked with a wife of a winemaker the other day, and she was exuberant in her description of the grapes coming off the vine.

We are exuberant for the return of the Butternut Squash Panini.  Entering our 7th year in the sandwich business, this will be the 6th version of the PNUT.  Every year it is the same... but different.  Kind of like how you comb your hair each morning, same materials, same idea, but with a little extra wave there and a bit more hair gel over here.

This year we peel the butternut, cube it into one-ish inch cubes, toss with canola and roast until soft and a little caramelized.  We chill it, rough mash it, and scoop it into the Italian bread.  Provolone cheese, roast garlic spread, and some fried sage leaves are added.

Pretty delicious.  We sell a ton of them each fall.  And... And... you can add bacon for Free.  Bingo!  It is a very very adult grilled cheese.

These two guys who are real life cooks in WW, like they are both really good cooks, have been busting my chops for the return of a sandwich we only served for a few months one summer a number of years ago.  These taller than average people claim it may be the best sandwich we ever made (wrong, but when it is perfect it is close).  And they tease me every time we see each other "you don't even serve on your regular menu the best sandwich you ever made".  They are very annoying.  To get them off my back we are bringing back this oldie.

The BBBB is on the menu for a limited time, eh, maybe a month.  The Braised Bar-B-Cue Brisket makes its grand return.  We trim and braise brisket with some barbecue like seasonings, then chop it up, toss it with some braising liquid and our home-made bbq sauce, then throw it back in the oven to caramelize.  That delicious mix of fatty and lean and sweet and savory brisket goes on our homemade hoagie, with a little mayo and a little more sauce into the toaster oven.  When its all warm, we top it with a savory apple cider vinegar buttermilk coleslaw.  Dang it is good.  It tastes like the End of Summer.  And maybe, just maybe those two cooks will be quiet for awhile, until they get restless and start yammering for the Tasso Ham Panini.