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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Palmares is cycling term for a list of great accomplishments.  Our version of Palmares.

We just received this email from a wedding this past summer at Mill Creek Gardens.  Happy thoughts for the cold and grey January weather.

"Dear John and the Graze staff:
I thought you might like a few pictures of the lovely food at Michael and Leah Simon's wedding this past July. You did such an amazing job -- not only was it beautiful, but it was absolutely delicious, and the service was impeccable. We were so happy with how it all came together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a wonderful part of this special day.
Best...  Deberah"


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Not?

GRAZE - 'a place to eat' is officially open Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm starting Monday, January 18th.  The wife and I were planning on this little expansion for the Spring.  But after a moment of reflection we figured if March is good, why not January? 

So here is the deal.  Now you can get our just better than decent food all day long.  And wine and beer prices are downright silly.  $2 domestic beer, $2.50 micros (terminal gravity esg), $5 and $6 glasses of wine.  Bottles for $16 and $20.

Catering has been a hoot as well.  Served up 311 hungry Cattleman's Association Dinner Patrons the other night.  What did we serve?  200 pounds of prime rib of course.  And all prospective Walla Walla Wedding clients, we seem to be getting ready to send out menus and the whatnot... maybe... sooner hopefully than later.


Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year in Review

2009 was a busy year for Graze Catering.  The collective "we" of Graze, grew from me and whomever I could get to work on an on call basis, to me, Tracy the Event Manager, Brian the Cook, and our previous list of part time servers and cooks.  Now when I say "we" in reference to Graze it really means "we", a group of people, not "we", John as cook, server, dishwasher, and event manager. 

We also added a downtown eatery.  It is pretty good... you might like it.

In honor of 2009, I present you with the Graze Catering Index (with apologies to Harper's Index).  All totals are Graze Catering only, and do not reflect numbers from Graze 'a place to eat'.

Guests served in 2006 --- 604
Guests served in 2007 --- 3,319
Guests served in 2008 --- 8,053
Guests served in 2009 --- 12,166

Number of events 2006 --- 17
Number of events 2007 --- 66
Number of events 2008 --- 83
Number of events 2009 --- 176

Number of events 150+ guests 2006 --- 0
Number of events 150+ guests 2007 --- 2
Number of events 150+ guests 2008 --- 11
Number of events 150+ guests 2009 --- 16

Number of events 500+ guests 2006 --- 0
Number of events 500+ guests 2007 --- 0
Number of events 500+ guests 2008 --- 3
Number of events 500+ guests 2009 --- 3

Number of weddings/rehearsals 2006 --- 0
Number of weddings/rehearsals 2007 --- 6
Number of weddings/rehearsals 2008 --- 18
Number of weddings/rehearsals 2009 --- 22

Thanks to all our past and future clients and guests. We look forward to serving you again.