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Saturday, March 9, 2013

We Should Do This More Often

There is just so much we aren't telling you.  Which is a shame.  So to make up for lost time, here are a bunch of photos.  In no particular order.

Summer Is Perfect

Speaking of Perfect... My son and I were there!!!

Apps Somewhere...

Porchetta, pork belly wrapped pork loin,
sooooo delicious.

The entire garden in one salad.  Refreshing.

The whole porchetta before slicing, for a wedding at Basel Cellars.

Wine dinner at Abeja.  Tucannon Meats bone marrow, white bean salad.

When you cook well in our kitchen, you are a... BoomKing.


Tucannon Meats new york strip loin for a dinner at Amavi Cellars.  The finest cut of meat in WW, without question.

Shrimp bisque, barely any cream, blanched mussels, crawfish tails, seared shrimp, holy trinity, for a Fat Tuesday winery dinner.

Three years after opening... we got a sign.

New Years Eve project, building the hood for the sandwich shop.

Deviled egg mousse on brioche toasts.  

Every so often we cook dinner at home... and actually try.  Tucannon Meats short ribs waiting for the liquid to braise.