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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!! ...Really I Am Not Making This Up

We signed the lease today for a downtown location.  5 South Colville will be our eatery, 213 South 9th will remain our catering kitchen.  We are gonna call it Graze.  What else could we possibly name it? 

Our tagline for Graze Catering is "a beautiful catered event" (English majors seem to have a problem with the grammar of that phrase, me not so much).  Our tagline for Graze is going to be "a place to eat".  Because really all we want is our little 750 square foot shop to turn out nice, honest, and wholesome food at very affordable prices.  A lunch place by design, so sandwiches, salads, soups, and lots of deliveries.
Three years ago to this day, September 1st, I signed the lease to the catering kitchen, a solitary cook running a one man show.  And now here we are today on September 1st, signing a second lease.  It is truly amazing how far this little catering business has come in three years.  Here are two photos of the catering kitchen, after (!!!) I had gone to the restaurant supply to get ready to cook.  The place looks barren in comparison with today. (now we have trouble finding where to put things!)
Three years ago I had an idea of what Graze Catering would be, and I was scared and frightened beyond belief.  Today we (the wife, the employees, and me) have an idea of what Graze "a place to eat" will be, and we are also scared and frightened beyond belief.  (Do you have any idea how much money one can lose in the restaurant business?)  But its a good and energetic scare... and we are looking forward to serving you soon.