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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wedding Season is Officially Over

The wedding rehearsals and receptions are all finished up for 2009.  Yeah! Another successful year of feeding newlyweds and their loved ones great food on their first day of holy matrimony. 

Since we last checked in we gave sustenance to Sasha and her loved one, Janel and her baseball loving Brent, aviation inspired Jerry and Janet, NY NY living Sheri and Erick, Kristina and her beau, and Seattle-ites Cindy and Seth.  All totalled 22 receptions and rehearsal dinners from May 31st to October 3rd.

Other recent catering fun has included a Macy's appetizer party for happy shoppers, feeding Democrats (this company will gladly feed Republicans as well), feeding Masons (will also feed Odd Fellows, Eagles, Shriners, and all other special clubs), snacks for Kerloo Cellars coming out party, Sheep to Shawl at the Kirkman House, a cooking class for Whitman Sorority girls, and another lovely dinner at Reininger.

Palmares: A few recent customer comments.
"I didn’t get a chance to see you before you left, but wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the lamb lunch. It was heavenly! Thanks for hitting another one out of the ballpark!" - Kirsten

"John,  The dinner was fabulous. And, let me tell you, this group isn't always easy to please. Everyone was still raving about it today. You NAILED the tenderloin. It was perfectly cooked. The vegetables were fresh and amazing and the dessert was totally yummy!  Thank you for making Kurt's birthday wonderful!  If you ever need a testimony for a client, let me know."
- Jennifer

"John I meant to email you last Friday - our lunch was AMAZING! Everyone gave you 'high 5's' - thanks so much. It tasted great - just my kind of food - fresh, wholesome! Your presentation was nice too." - Laurien

"That was the best lamb we have ever had!" - Mary Jane Fehrenbacher (She grows the lamb, I cooked it for Sheep to Shawl, her lamb is really spectacular, it is what I bring to any wine dinner we do lamb for, truly special stuff)

"I heard that Jen’s party was delightful as I knew it would be. I just wanted to say thank you again so much for making it a special evening for the girls. They loved the “lesson” and I understand that the food was outstanding as well." - Sara

Even got quoted in the paper from the Sheep to Shawl luncheon:
The owner and operator of Graze Catering was serving braised and grilled lamb with a Harissa sauce.  “I love it. I absolutely love it. It is probably one of my favorite meats to work with. And it’s a great local product,” Lastoskie said, noting Fehrenbacher’s lamb goes great with local syrahs.

Now that the Summer is over, and the slower days and cooler weather have returned, it is time to finally get down to business and get this storefront rolling. 

First step: buy lots and lots of stuff.... and then go back for more.


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Seth said...

Our wedding was Oct 3 and just want to say how fantastic we think Graze catering is.
One of my must-haves for our wedding was plenty of very, very good food, and Graze made it effortless. Thank you! --the Sonenthals