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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Longshadows Spring Release

How does one go about serving 800 people appetizers (that actually taste good)? That question has been haunting me the last couple of months. And was finally resolved today. The answer is... it is easier than you think, if you are willing you roll 1,500 risotto balls, and double stuff 1,500 mushrooms. The proof is in the pre-planning, and the risotto pudding, 3o cups of it to be exact. If there has been a more popular appetizer at our events than the cheese stuffed risotto balls then I have been extremely clueless. (no comments please sweetheart) Literally, fried, plated, carried to cocktail table, 30 seconds later... gone.

- cheese stuffed risotto balls with sun dried tomato sauce

- duxelle and mascarpone stuffed mushrooms

- crostini red wine beef ragu and parmesan reggiano

- crostini white bean puree and pork confit

- baguette slices and crackers, cambozola and brie

We are three for three. Unscientific as it may be, but three big wine weekends, three times wine tasting patrons have exclaimed "best food at any winery in town." Saviah, Reininger, and now Longshadows. I can give you the long winded version with evidence and personal comments, but I think this picture says it all, guests moments after the platter from above was placed on the table.

A picture of myself and Gilles the winemaker. Becca and I, Gilles and his wife Marie (Forgeron's winemaker), met randomly at Pioneer Park and the Patisserie two years prior. Nice to be reunited in a Walla Walla kind of way.


1 comment:

TSJ said...

I have to agree that the appetizers at Longshadows were amazing. We witnessed full platters literally disappearing before our eyes.

I thought the rissoto balls were to die for and my husband couldn't stay away from the stuffed mushrooms.

The food really complimented the fabulous wines. Great job!