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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lamb Roast - April 26th

The best man at my wedding, a chef and cooking mentor, and a stinking New York Yankee lover, roasts whole animals every March in celebration of his patron saint. I admire him for it. The work involved is tremendous, fortunately we were only doing the sides for tonight's roast and helping with the carving. I couldn't help but think of Patrick watching the hypnotic rotation of glistening lamb meat. Even drank a Sierra in his honor.

Local raised spit roast lamb. Can't get much better than that. Fortunately the sides were a terrific compliment. And the bacon in the spinach salad blew my mind. Local butcher, non usda certified, lordy it is good. Thanks to Ray for the lamb and bacon purchase. I can die a happy man after that bacon.


- Williams raised spit roast lamb
- Israeli cous cous Morrocan style, dried fruit, nuts, spices
- Bonnie and Jerry's asparagus and aioli
- Spinach salad, Hauns pepper bacon, sauteed sweet onions, smoked trout, croutons, creamy whole grain mustard dressing (a blatant recreation of Whitehouse's gem of a salad)


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