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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whitman Alumni 50th Reunion - May 16th

Ever see the movie "Groundhog Day"? Bill Murray gets stuck repeating the same day, every day, until he falls in love (or something like that). (See previous post April 25th)

This time we played host at Basel Cellars for the Whittie Alums. A happy 50 year reunion rather than 40. Almost the same menu, similar crowd but ten years older, and close to the same guest count.

Who would have thought repeating the same day could be so enjoyable.

A photo of porchetta from a Lastoskie cocktail party. Does our 1930's oven (which lacks a thermostat) look fun to cook with? The wife hates it, needless to say, I love it.


1 comment:

Nancy Mitchell said...


I received an email this morning from an alumna who attended the dinner at Basel Cellars on Friday night; she raved about the meal and I couldn't agree with her more!

The food was wonderful, your staff attentive and you are great to work with -- I shall certainly hire you again to cater an event for Whitman.

Nancy Mitchell
Associate Director of Alumni
Whitman College