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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Farmer's Market Opening Day

Our first week back to the market. Ballplayers get nervous on opening day, as do schoolteachers, legislators, and even caterers. It was nice to be back. And once the first panini orders came in the butterflies dissapeared.

Nothing agrees more with the Graze Catering ethic than the Farmer's Market. Local food, farmers, and good friends. It was nice to see so many returning customers. Thank you all for your patronage and patience when we get thoroughly over-run with orders.

Paninis this week:

  • Mesquite smoked turkey, bacon, provolone

  • Close Farms asparagus, pancetta, egg omlet, parmesan, provolone

  • Apple smoked pork loin, fresh apple, arugula, provolone

Next week we are coming out with a porchetta panini. I can't wait.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey can you send some of those panini's down to Sac? We have a farmers market down here! I've finally got your blog in Favorites so I can find it. Food looks great can't wait to get up there and try some one of these days. Your blog is a hit at Mulvaneys B&L!