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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whitman Alumi - April 25th

82 Whitman grads gathered to celebrate their 40 year reunion at Three Rivers Winery. How did they seem to know each other so well after 40 years? Certainly the Whittie Experience must be a tad different than mine at gigantic UC Davis. I can just imagine me at my 40 year reunion. "Nope, don't know you, nope, not you either, can't recall your face from the other 4,500 graduates of 1996... sorry." Even a reunion in my major would produce very similar results.

The food. Big highlight tonight, rissotto balls stuffed with cheese, fried and topped with a sun dried tomato sauce. Guests were waiting by the kitchen entrance to snatch them up. And if there is a better pork roast in the world than the one we are copying from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco I would like to try it.

- Three appetizers
- Whole leaf caesar salad
- Bonnie and Jerry's asparagus and aioli
- Crispy polenta round
- Vegetable gratin
- Porchetta, Thundering Hooves pork, capers, herbs, garlic


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