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Friday, March 4, 2011


Palmares is a cycling term which means "a list of great accomplishments".  Here is our version of palmares.

Three emails sent to me regarding the Pheasants Forever Dinner last week, 340 guests (of which 40 were added in the last 24 hours) and we served prime rib and whole slow roast salmon filets with aioli.

Dear Graze,

I wanted to let you know that I heard nothing but absolutely wonderful compliments in regards to the food at the banquet. It was just delicious! I had the salmon and it was the best cooked salmon I have ever had (and that’s impressive when you are cooking it for 340 people!). My husband was absolutely obsessed with the whole meal and could not stop talking about how delicious it was. And, I have had many, many people come up to me out of the blue and tell me how much they enjoyed their meal. Your catering was an absolute success and I want to thank you so much. I had 100% confidence in you guys going in, but it always makes me very nervous to have been “the person that picked the new caterer”…as I knew any negative feedback would fall directly on me. BUT, it was the exact opposite!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, for being flexible on the ever-changing head count, and for the beautiful presentation. We were all SO happy with the final result.

Thank you again. It was great working with you.  
Alison Brugeman
The food was the best anyone ever had at one of these kinds of events.
-Randy Snyder (pheasants board member)

... and we got this email from a guest at the dinner, and she shared a great sounding recipe with us too...

Hello John,

I was in your restaurant about a week ago... LOVED IT!!!
Then, I went to the Fundraiser, Pheasants Forever
Oh My Gosh, Divine. Everything was !!


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