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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boom Boom

Saturday we served 340 hungry pheasant lovers, 15 hungry beef tenderloin eaters, 40 wedding celebrants, and 17 hungry college students, and another 100 sandwich munchers.  It was a busy day.  Here are few shots from the appetizer party.  It was a pretty cool evening of food.  10 different appetizers, a few at stations, a few passed. 

We call these shrimp firecrackers (why I really don't know), the shrimp are skewered to stay straight, topped with a tiny bit of ground japanese red pepper, fresh cilantro, and then wrapped in lumpia wrappers and deep fried.  Served with sweet chili sauce.  They are incredible... really.

Grilled Lostine Beef skirt steak bahn mi.  A bahn mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, our version is on a hoagie roll with fresh cilantro, thinly sliced raw jalepeno, fresh cucumber, mayo, and pickled daikon and carrot.  We run a sandwich shop... this would definitely be one of our best three.  Coming to the menu soon.  And the grilled Lostine Beef skirt steak may be my favorite grilled meat ever.  Unlike any skirt steak you have ever tasted.

Coconut curry marinated chicken skeweres, with our traditional coconut thai peanut sauce.

House cured gravalax, with creme fraiche, caper, red onion, on a wafer thin crostini.

 And this is what you get to deal with in the morning when you serve 400 people.


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