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Friday, November 6, 2009

Here we go

Ok, practice week is over.  Guess its the real deal Monday.  Three days of practice in our new space has done wonders.  We may not be the quickest kids on the block yet, but we'll get there. 

A few notes on the menu.  The pastrami is very good... so good I can't even really work out how we can make it much better... and that kind of bothers me (this pastrami thing has become an obsession, anything that takes twenty-some days to cure gets under your skin).  The meatballs make me happy, as they did to the couple of new yorkers who stopped in the other day.  I want to eat the chimichurri sauce for the flank steak on nearly everything.  And thank goodness Becca made a beautiful little roasted pear salad at home a few weeks back... its my favorite adding grilled chicken; a lovely light lunch.  If there is a better condiment to place on a sandwich than Mama Lils Peppers I would like to eat it.  And the silly paninis we served at the farmer's market the last couple of years are still mighty tasty. 

All in all I think it is a place I would like to eat at (hope you feel the same)... now if I could only find some time to sit down and do that I will be a very happy man. 


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