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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner at Graze

Barrel Tasting Weekend Saturday Night December 5th, Graze (look at all those capitals) will host its first dinner... ever.  For three years we have been schlepping our stuff to wineries, houses, and fields.  This time we are home.

Join us for dinner.  We can seat around 24.  Arrive at 6:15, share a glass of bubbly and a few appetizers, dinner to start in a timely fashion thereafter.  Menu goes something like this: bi-colored soup, white and purple salad, something that went baaaaa, and dessert from the Colville Street Patisserie. (menu accomodations made if possible.)

Price: $50 a person, beer and wine not included, wines promise to be yummy and attractively priced.  All guests seated family style, bring good cheer and conviviality, if you bring wine corkage is $10 and sharing will be... expected?... required?... who wouldn't want to share with so many new friends? 

Email for reservations and our long list of requirements at

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