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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Old Stuff

Raj and Kelly's Wedding.

Way back in August, the 31st to be exact, we did and Indian Buffet for Raj and Kelly (same day we did Erin's wedding at Basel Cellars) at the same house that hosted the Paella reception. Raj and Randall/Caitlin were friends at Whitman yada yada ya. Appetizers of samsoas, fried paneer cheese, and garbanzo flour pancakes with raita dip.

No pictures unfortunately. For the buffet spicy garbanzo bean salad, lentil salad, basmati rice, chili fry lamb in coconut mild sauce, curried shrimp. Dessert from the Patisserie. The Indian Minister (flew in from India for the ceremony) was impressed. He told our cooks the food was very authentic. We only have Raj and Kelly to thank for the recipe/consultation help!

Megan's Wedding - Got a couple of pictures to share.

Pictures from Kim's Mom's Birthday at Watermill Winery (Thanks for the great shots Jamie Brown!)


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