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Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

For Darin and Andy's rehearsal dinner we did a simple backyard cookout for 40 guests. Simple, fresh, tasty. Server extraordinare Cheryl, who has been to quite a few of our events stated "This is my favorite one yet John, it isn't the fanciest, but it really looks fresh and tasty." Fortunately it tasted as clean and fresh as it looked. Forgot the camera so no pictures right now. Darin's sister snapped a couple and promises to email them, so hopefully some soon. Everything was cooked on site, is there really anything better than corn on the cobb right out of the simmering water?

- Amity's greens, balsamic vinaigrette
- Grilled red potato salad, bacon, dijon, garlic, thyme dressing
- Corn on the cobb, lime butter
- Lemon garlic grilled chicken breast
- Flat iron steak and chimichurri

- Dessert: peach, apple, cherry cobbler and Tillamook vanilla ice cream


  • I have been grilling potatoes for years, boiling, then tossing in a garlic thyme chili flake oil and searing and serving with aioli. But this time, on a lark, I decided to boil, grill, then toss in a mayo/dijon/garlic/thyme/bacon dressing. How about that, a previous favorite thing just got more favoriter. (If its not a word it should be.)

  • I don't make desserts. I keep telling myself I don't, then I do something stupid and promise Rosemary a cobbler and ice cream. Wouldn't you know it was pretty great. No more desserts, I swear... well maybe a couple more cobblers.


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