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Monday, July 14, 2008

Angela and Ryan's Wedding

Once again the hectic pace of work stole my ability to remember to grab the camera. Please send us a few pictures Angela. Basel Cellars was our tableau for a 195 guest plated dinner. The weather was close to perfect and the Basel grounds immaculate. There could not have been a better setting for a Walla Walla wedding Saturday.

We did a cocktail hour with four superb appetizers:
  • crostini with white bean arrabiata (spicy beans) and shrimp
  • baguette slice with brie and apple butter
  • duxelle and mascarpone stuffed mushrooms
  • spoons of cucumber, crab salad, lemon aioli, and tobbiko caviar

Then a beautiful salad while a fantastic Frank Sinatra impersonator belted out the hits (Derek Evilsizor).

  • Amity and Welcome Table Farm greens, Ideal Organic beets, goat cheese, candied nuts, and an apple cider vinaigrette

Then three main course options

  • Grilled flat iron steak, caramelized onions, potato gratin, and local vegetables
  • Grilled rosemary chicken breast, garlic cream, potato gratin, and local vegetables
  • Stuffed shell pasta, spinach, mozzerella, and ricotta filled, roasted garlic tomato sauce, parm, and local vegetables

How do you get enough local and beautiful produce to feed 195 guests? Call lots of farmers. Special thanks to Amity for the greens, rainbow chard, and carrots; Welcome Table Farm for the beets and greens; Ideal Organics for more beets; Ron (one Ron in R and R Produce, who is the other? I need to ask) for the zuchinni and more carrots.


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