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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

L Ecole

We have been out to L Ecole Winery a couple of times this last month.  Once for an industry night.  And the other for a tasting of wines produced from the Seven Hills wine area.  (The tastings are crazy.  Like dozens of wines, from different blocks, made by different winemakers, in different styles.  I didn't partake of the tasting.  It looked super intense.) 

I wish this picture did this dish a bit more justice.  Seared shrimp, on a bed of whole white beans in arrabiatta sauce, on top of a bed of white bean puree, with some roasted sweet peppers, all intended to be scooped up with some wafer thin crostinis.  Super yummy.  As the host of the event said "this tastes like Provence!".  Best compliment ever.

Blue cheese slider burgers on a WW Bread Company hoagie roll... mid assembly. 

And then I came home and thought a quick litte saute of parsnips, onion, red peppers, and asparagus sounded like a good idea.  It was.  Do you like to make little piles of your prepped veggies?  I do.



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