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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Graze Anatomy

We ran an ad in the Whitman Pioneer asking the super witty Whitties to come up with an ad.  The overwhelming response of one advertisement idea got us this one.  Way to go Mad Men.

Our logo is not our logo, and it really is supposed to read "GRAZE ANATOMY of a sandwich"... like the tv show, get it.  ha ha ha

I got myself a bachelor of science in Exercise Science, with an emphasis on exercise physiology, which means I learned things like how your body changes short term and long term to exercise.  To sum up four years of education... as a general rule, most all the time, all the things having to do with your body get better when you exercise.  (So this advert is some super funny stuff from my anatomy learning days.)

And this picture has nothing to do with anything except it is somewhat pretty.  We donated a mini brownie and mini cookie bar tower for a Campfire USA fundraiser at the Charles Smith Winery.  It tasted good.


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