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Monday, January 16, 2012

Seattle Wedding Show

Dear Seattle People Who Want A Destination Wedding,
Walla Walla is a great choice.  We have an airport, a really nice hotel, great event sites, lots of wineries, a top flight golf course, a few super duper restaurants, a cute downtown, pleasant weather (lots of sunshine for nice pictures), some very talented vendors, and one pretty outstanding caterer.

I got to go to the Seattle Wedding Show last weekend to promote Walla Walla as a wedding destination.  It was pretty fun.  We met lots of nice people.  Including these two lovely ladies who were outside, not exactly sure what they were doing, but whatever it was, they were having fun.

Selling white goth bridal gear perhaps?

A nice side benefit to going to Seattle for a couple of days is we got to eat, and eat, and eat.  We took a couple of trips to Skillet Diner (it was as close to perfect as a diner can be), hit up The Walrus and The Carpenter oyster bar, checked out Rn74 (What's up Larkin!!! You weren't working the night we stopped in, we cooked together at the ill-fated 26brix.), Quinn's, Nijo Sushi, and a bunch of other places. 

Skillet Diner Burger with Bacon Jam

Yeah, we hit up a bunch of sandwich places too.  Paseo is closed this time of the year, the second year in a row we have missed trying their creations which make online Yelp reviewers go manic with praise.  This is the fifth trip to Seattle in a year, and it is with a great deal of pleasure I can say, "Seattle Sandwich Shops... you can't make this... and definitely not this."

                               veggie torta                         pastrami

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Drew Watts said...

Nice blog!! Good to see this wedding show. Have never been such an event, but would love to attend it if will get any chance. Came to know that one of Seattle Wedding venues is arranging such event next week. Will certainly attend it.