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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Phone - Lamb Braise, Old Phone - Pork Braise

I got a new phone the other day, its got a great camera.  I hate the phone, but the camera is great.  Here is a lamb shoulder braise headed to the oven.  I love braising lamb like this.  No pre searing, no sauteing the vegetables, you just have to heat the lamb stock and white wine and lightly oil the meat surface before heading to the 350 degree oven.  Once the top browns, the meat gets rotated, brown side into liquid, and the process repeats itself until the meat is tender, but not fall apart tender like beef short ribs or pork carnitas.  Reduce the braising liquid a bit and it is perfect with some creamy polenta, and roasted winter vegetables. 

 Here is our pork braise headed to the oven.  We put tin foil over the tops of these and don't uncover them until the final 30 minutes of cooking.  This ends up shredded and on our pulled pork torta at the sandwich shop.  The key is the salt, 1 Tbs per 5 lbs pork shoulder.  And then the chilis, onions, and garlic.  We use guajillos, pasilla, new mexico, and japonese.  Look at the photo difference.  Its all tinny and washed out. 

Dinner with the family.  Papparadelle, mild italian sausage, spinach, garlic, chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil, chicken stock, parmesan. 


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