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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Month In Pictures

This blog has a problem.  There aren't enough pictures.  So to mix things up... here are a bunch of pictures without a lot of words.

Blanched asparagus salad, smoked trout, potato crisps, tarragon mayo... dinner for 8 at Longshadows.
A shockingly similar plate arrangement for the same dinner!  Beef tenderloin, sauce bordelaise, roasted asparagus, roast walla walla sweet onions.
Chipolte adobo avocado sliders for the wine bloggers at Figgins Family Estate luncheon.

Castoldi Farm roasted baby carrots and walla walla sweet onions, on the sheet pan prior to service... for Northwest Farm Credit party at Watermill Winery.

Nora's Hawaiian Wedding Reception, an appetizer of fruit skewers and citrus mint dipping sauce.  The kahlua pork was really yummy.

A less than stellar photo of some guests at Dumas Station's wine club party.  The view was lovely, and the party ever so pleasant.

Is is possible to mess up a salad with Stone Throw Farm's greens?

Have I mentioned we do not do dessert?  Unless it is something as simple as this mixed berry shortcake, our sweet cream biscuit, whipped cream, and the bounty from our farmer's fields.

Does this guy look like a banker to you?  Attempted to eat five Latronkas in under 40 minutes.  Each Latronka weighs in at 17.5 ounces with 8 ounces of pastrami.  He ate two in fifteen minutes before calling it quits... three days later some other dude ate 2.5 in eighteen minutes.  Did we create a monster? (Editors Note: It has come to my attention this was not the case, that the challenger ate only 1.75 in eighteen minutes.  Keeping this fellow as the current Latronka eating champion.)
A wedding in the gazebo at Pioneer Park.  The short bald guy is Brian, our outstanding cook.  This is what we do to make food taste good.  Cook as much as possible on site.
Coriander, fennel, garlic pork loin roast, bone in, with creamy polenta, wilted swiss chard, roast baby carrots, and sauteed snap peas.  For Pepperbridge's Vine Club Luncheon. 

Lots more went on the last month, but per usual we failed to bring a camera or remembered to take pictures.  Needless to say it has been busy and a whole lot of fun.  The sun has finally decided to come out here... what an odd spring and early summer... so tomatoes should be appearing this weekend or the next... which always makes me happy.