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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let The Fun Begin

March was kinda busy, or at least it felt like it... until I looked at the calendar and realized there were lots of empty white days and only a few blue bars.  Maybe having both my wife and I's parents visit for an uninterrupted 17 days made March seem a bit busier than it really was.  (parents and visitors have a way of doing that don't they?)

But now the real show begins.  That google calendar is filled with all blue bars now.  Tomorrow we do five caterings (seriously), today we did three... and they just keep coming. (note to potential clients, please call us, please)

 Last week we had the priveledge of cooking up some Lostine Cattle Company Beef for some folks at the Leonetti Upland Vineyard Site.  Chris Figgins has started a grass fed beef business.  And here is the shocker, it is incredibly good, not "for grass fed" but incredibly good "beef". (We did some test cooking with all kinds of cuts from their first few animals harvested... and being a huge skeptic... and having poor grass fed beef experiences prior... I was not exactly thrilled about being the cook being led to slaughter (so to speak).  The beef was fantastic, clean tasting, tender, and alltogether wholesome and satisfying.  So for this group of visitors we fired up three mini slider burgers (goat cheese and caramelized onions, chipolte adobo and avocado, and blue cheese and bacon) along with a few tasty sides. 

And to finish things off, Heidi, uber-consultant said she wanted to end lunch with a giant chocolate chip cookie... which we don't make.  So we made our regular cookies and then glued two together with bittersweet chocolate.  Oh man, that was heaven.  Not as heaven as the Walla Walla Hills on a perfect Spring day, or the taste we had of the Figgins Family Estate wine, kind of a lower level heaven... if you catch my drift.
And last but not least... meet the new Graze Trailer complete with its brand new grills.  Coming to a Walla Walla wedding reception near you soon!


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