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Monday, June 23, 2008

Two-fer: Hannah and Erika's Wedding (not to each other)

Busy day. At final count we fed 332 guests today. 97 at the market, 20 box lunches, and 215 between two weddings.

The camera I brought to Erika's wedding happened to lack batteries. My faithful employees at Hannah's wedding have yet to produce any photographic proof we were there. So the two pics below are at home recreations of selections from each.

For Erika we did a simple yet tasty backyard grill party with a couple of haughty touches. Hannah celebrated the soul of Spanish Cuisine with paella and tapas. We were happy to partner with both Saffron and the Patisserie.

Erika's wedding menu:

  • spoons of crab salad, cucumber, tobiko caviar, and lemon aioli
  • bruschetta of white bean puree and pork confit


  • Welcome Table Farm greens, avocado, mandarin orange, toasted almonds, red onion, and an orange vinaigette
  • spicy roasted red pepper pasta salad, bay shrimp, Amity's spinach, and parmesan
  • artichoke halves with aioli and garlic butter
  • grilled flat iron steak and chimichurri
  • grilled salmon and tarragon lemon butter

Hannah's wedding menu:

  • marcona almonds, piquillo peppers, spanish olives


  • cheese filled saffron risotto balls with sun dried tomato dip
  • mushroom bruschetta with marinated morels, oysters, and criminis
  • garbanzo bean salad spanish style
  • Paella from Saffron (holy smokes that was good, cheers Chris!)
  • Patisserie truffles and almond bars


"It was delicious and people are still talking about the food. THANK YOU for bringing us all together with food! Everything was delightful. I have mailed you a check for the balance, please let me know if you do not receive it. Our photographer is out of town for the next week or so, but if I get any pictures of the food, I will be sure to forward them along. The blog is cool!
Talk to you soon,"

Hannah Israel
Dunham Cellars


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